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Yes, you can find lasting love with an Eastern European woman online!When you start your search for love online, you may be wondering if it’s possible, and can a relationship that started online last. There are many people who find someone special online, many of them live in different countries when it happens. The story of our clients Julia (Russia) and Jim (USA) confirms it. I saw her ad again on Absolute Agency and wrote her again. But there is no any difference between pleasures of these people. You are in my mind; in my heart you read my words and my thoughts through the lines of my letter. I remember when I was a child he read me fairy tales in the evenings and I had very nice dreams all night long.:) These dreams are so far now... If I could be the best and the most talented writer in this world I think I would not describe her anyway?? As you already know I have graduated from medical college. Snowflakes are spinning in the air and softly fall on the ground?? but your letters warm my soul:) Do you remember me? Sorry:) As for your proposition to try some of your beers?? :) I would try it with pleasure :) Today is my day off and I would like to spend it on the shore of the sea.

Last week we received a message from the couple who met on EM over 11 years ago and are preparing to celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary in 2018.

She would go off on tangents writing stories about her dreams after answering some personal questions. So when my parents had met each other love had settled in our house and stood there forever.

I feel she is either NOT REAL because she is so beautiful, or if she is real she is basically taking money from people. :) It was nice talk to you.:) No, no I have not mistaken.:) Talk?? My father was very kind, attentive and reserved man. Maybe thats the reason why he decided to be a doctor. I think that my love to literature is the desert of my father.

I believe that a woman should always support her man and be like-minded.

Julia has taken on the role of General Director for our Moscow office following completion of an MBA in New Zealand and USA.

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