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"They got all gussied up for the Academy doings to accept the gold statues for Susan Hayward and Marlon Brando had the voting gone that way.

’And not a single TV camera caught us during the entire evening,' they ailed." columnist Erskine Johnson reports that her long feud with fellow 20th Century-Fox actress June Haver ended with June's retirement to become a Sister of Charity.

I was married to Gabriël Richer Basson in 1961 and married for a second time to Leon van der Merwe in 1998.

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Other show people in attendance are Milton Berle, Bob Hope, Mitzi Gaynor and Jack Bean, Betty Grable, Jimmy Durante, Danny Thomas, and Dick Contino.Fellow screen stars meeting British Royalty are Jeff Chandler, Gloria Grahame, and Gary Cooper.she and Brinkman are reported "still shivery about the river accident in which an assistant director, Tony Kelly, was drowned while making Duel in the Jungle in Africa.Jeanne Crain would be crouched behind a rock on one side of the stage and the elephants were to charge toward the rock. But the elephants, all circus-trained, didn't bother to charge..." is on hand to inaugurate Paris' new International Telephone Directory on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower.With her pose for the camera singer Georges Guetary, actress Tilda Thamar, artist Foujita, and fashion designer Christian Dior.

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