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In that story the Third Doctor attempted to alter Jo Grant's memories as a way of protecting her.In the Eighth Doctor Adventure novels Interference - Book One and Interference - Book Two, published in 1999, Sarah Jane Smith is uncertain whether her experiences with the Doctor and UNIT take place in the seventies or the eighties. I think it's currently the 1970s, but —" and is interrupted by Sam Jones.Viewers got no dialogue with a firm year for the whole of the Third Doctor's era.In Pyramids of Mars, however, it is claimed several times that Sarah Jane Smith is from "1980", and they briefly revisit the year.The problem, which arguably should be called "the Brigadier dating controversy", exists primarily because of two appearances of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart when he wasn't employed by UNIT.The first was his debut story, The Web of Fear, when he was still a colonel in the regular British Army.The Seeds of Doom does not necessarily have to fit here. This story firmly and explicitly has the Brig retiring from UNIT in 1976, the year The Seeds of Doom came out.The Fifth Doctor confirms that "a year later" from the retirement is 1977, which offers viewers no wiggle room whatsoever.

When the Brigadier is talking to Liz Shaw in Spearhead from Space, he explains that "since UNIT was formed, there've been two attempts to invade this planet," no doubt referring to Web and Invasion; it is interesting to note, however, that UNIT was formed as a result of the events of Web, meaning the Brigadier is referring to the Cybermen and another, unknown invasion.One possibility given by The UNIT Dating Conundrum is that the entire lot of UNIT stories from Spearhead from Space to The Seeds of Doom (where the Brigadier is still in UNIT but away in Geneva) happens from 1979 to 1980; if Sarah is speaking of her "home time", i.e.the time she (and Harry Sullivan) left with the Doctor, that would imply Planet of the Spiders, Robot, and possibly Terror of the Zygons when Harry leaves the TARDIS, would take place in 1980.It is worth noting that the original intention of Mawdryn was for Ian Chesterton to return as a teacher.But as William Russell was unavailable, it was ultimately decided that the Brigadier would return.

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