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Queen, a Puerto Rican performer and composer has been one of the strongest and most important figures in the Latin urban genre for over 20 years.

Her ascension to stardom began when she was 18 years old, as she was forced to carve a space for her strident voice to be heard.

Thankfully, when Mike returned from NYC, he called to set up a date and suggested meeting at King’s Bowling Alley.

On the evening of the date, I told my cousin that I was meeting this guy from NYC at the bowling alley, in case anything popped off.

She scored a minor hit with 1999’s “In The Zone,” featuring Wyclean Jean.

International performer and composer Ivy Queen, who just dropped her new single “787”, will be headlining the inaugural Wynwood Pride Festival Saturday June 22nd, 2019.

House of Blues Houston - Houston At p.m., Ivy Queen had still not hit the stage. I called the venue to see if she ever performed, and still have no confirmation if she did. Cancelled shows a bit confusing HP Pavilion At San Jose - San Jose Good show, however very confusing regarding location, and cancellations via the web.

Shows at most venues are typically over around 11 p.m. There was about 45 minutes between opening acts, which was excessive. I was not impressed with seeing a 5yr old child there at midnight either.

The Wynwood Pride Festival, a free event, will take place June 21-23rd at the Wynwood market Place featuring one of the most diverse line-ups to hit any South Florida music festival ever.

Queen will be joined by International headliners Pablo Vittar, Albita, Poppy, AJA, and Carmen Carrera, alongside national artists, as well as, local artists and promoters serving the South Florida LGBTQ community year-round.

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