Itemupdating vs itemupdated updating the fairness doctrine

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Previously I also worked as a Premier Field Engineer for Share Point @ Microsoft Belgium.For 5 successive years I’ve been rewarded as Share Point Server MVP for my contribution to the Share Point community: I developed the U2U CAML Query Builder and its successor the CAML Designer, which I develop together with Andy Van Steenbergen.I’m Karine Bosch and currently I’m working as a freelance O365 and Share Point Solution Architect .I still do a lot of work for my previous employer Recomatics, a company located in Destelbergen near Ghent.This walkthrough is based on the first one where I have a custom list with planets of our solar system.

According to MSDN, For documents, Before and After properties are guaranteed for post events, such as Item Updated, but Before properties are not available for post events on Share Point 2013 list items.

How I solved it Googleing this helped me not one bit and my first solution was something I would like to hide at the bottom of some server (I don’t want to talk about it, let’s just say it had something to do with counting the seconds since the last update).

At your disposal on SPRemote Event Properties you have after Properties and before Properties, found by doing this: And those were the key to the problem: how to act on the firing only when the user changes something and not when it updates itself?

Below is the matrix for both list and document library in Share Point 2013. Changed value: Updated Column value Original value: This is the Old value, not the updated value.

You can also use event receivers to validate the data that the user wants to change.

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