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Well, we guess that explains the "Good Riddance" part of the title, but this one might have been a little too sarcastic to pack much of a punch."Hey There Delilah" would be really cute if The Plain White T's frontman Tom Higgenson actually knew her.

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translates that "Gitchie" means "get your," "ya-ya" refers to the New Orleans "Gumbo Ya-Ya," which is a rollicking party, and "dada" means an older woman.

Adele expanded to largely explored her (allegedly) overlapping relationships with Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston, and current beau Joe Alwyn.

Confusingly, Taylor dated Tom after Calvin, but she met Tom and Joe on the same night at the MET Gala — which she attended with Calvin (read also: "Getaway Car").

Lucky for us, a lot of artists love to talk about their processes, so we've been able to figure out what our favorite Top 40 artists are actually trying to say. The meaning of 2017's Song of the Summer isn't a mystery to any Spanish-speaking listeners, but it turns out that when Justin Bieber advised us to "savor every moment slowly, ˢˡᴼʷᴸʸ," he was cueing us monolingual b*tches into the true meaning of the song.

"Despacito," the word, literally means "slowly," and 's translation of the song's chorus describes some dirty slow-motion sex.

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