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But no subject invokes as much intrigue as who stars are dating.Despite trying to be private, Selena Gomez has had a pretty public love life.She was seen traveling with him for her 27th birthday.Sources close to Gomez have claimed that she and Iervolino are just friends.There is a lot of speculation that Selena is dating a mystery man. This could easily be true considering all the incidents. Well, it is not new that Selena got into dating rumors already.During met gala 2019 she was spotted with Bill Murray. When it was asked to Selena that is she dating Niall or anyone else.I love all these photos 😊💛 Justin and Selena friendship is so adorable they look like father and daughter 💛 . It's all simply speculation—no confirmation has come from Gomez, Theroux or either of their reps—though 's source adds fuel to the gossip by suggesting that Jennifer Aniston, "is not happy" about the rumored love connection between her Theroux and Gomez, her former husband of two years and friend, respectively.

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What their diet is like, what their daily routine is, etc.

The rumors of Selena marrying him were spread and even that he is her sugar daddy. She simply said that she wants to focus on herself and wants to enjoy her time.

She also added that Niall is really a cool person who loves his singing and she admires him, and they both are calm and good friends.

Also, from time to time, Selena has mentioned how she finds Niall Horan extremely cute.

Fans now claim that Selena Gomez is just making her way into Hollywood with all her contacts.

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