Is robin wright penn dating anyone

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If you thought Charlize Theron was just the latest A-list notch on Sean Penn’s bedpost, think again.

“Charlize is not my girlfriend,” Penn, 54, corrected a French reporter who asked about the relationship in February.

“He treats her son, Jackson, like his own, and the little boy already calls him ‘Daddy.’” The couple are even house-hunting in Los Angeles’ picket-fence paradise, Pacific Palisades.

The 58-year-old takes on the mantle of King Arthur to promote the 12th season of the show which will also see fellow judges dressing up as royal figures – Amanda Holden as Elizabeth I, David Walliams as George III; and Alesha Dixon as Queen Victoria, and can be seen on ITV tonight. ’ I said ‘Rita, I’m still me’.” The former typist adds: “It’s like there’s two of me – Rita Stroud [Cheryl’s husband is called Steve Stroud] is the home-loving one who lays on the bed in her dressing gown ticking her dog’s belly."That’s reality.

The royal theme is particularly appropriate as the winner will perform at the Royal Variety show. I hang Cheryl Baker in the wardrobe.”EMILY BLUNT is clearly quite keen on a sequel to the film that launched her to stardom: The Devil Wears Prada.

“It was…difficult,” Wright has said of her marriage.

(She also subtly insulted Penn last week when she told Vanity Fair of her current love Ben Foster: “I’ve never laughed more, read more or come more than with Ben.”) Despite his lengthy rap sheet — Penn’s domestic misdeeds, assaults and scuffles with photographers have resulted in six arrests — the quarrelsome star has a “passion” (as evidenced in his dogged humanitarian efforts) and “magnetic charm” that his amours have all found irresistible, a friend says.

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