Is ralph fiennes dating daphne guinness

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Historical importance aside, this story of two sisters dreaming of making it big on the Great White Way can be summed up in one word: dated.These 12 historical predictions completely missed the mark!What Should Have Won Best Picture: , an adaptation of a successful Broadway play and the first to have a filmmaker’s name preceding the title.

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What Should Have Won Best Picture: laid the groundwork for the epics that would expand Hollywood’s audiences across the globe—not to mention the type of film Academy voters would quickly favour.

Still, it’s hard to look past beat out two of the greatest war films ever made for Hollywood’s most prized statue—it wasn’t even the best Elizabethan drama nominated that year.

Sure, the whimsical romance between the Bard of Avon and the fictitious Viola de Lesseps is lovely to watch, and its approach in adapting Shakespeare to the big screen is inventive, but Best Picture of 1998 it certainly is not.

What Should Have Won Best Picture: is so famous a novel, even those who haven’t read are familiar with the tale of a plucky orphan who falls in league with a ragtag bunch of London pickpockets.

Still, even a master filmmaker like Carol Reed can’t save this song-and-dance spectacle.

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