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The Hall of Fame ceremony was Saturday night, giving the couple plenty of time to see the sights in New York along with their daughter, who has her face blocked out in the photos.

The shots include the trio standing in front of some Brooklyn graffiti, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, and a few selfies wearing a "Thank you Taker" tank top.

He was the holder of the longest undefeated streak at Wrestle Mania at 21 years, a record that started on The Undertaker's Birthday at Wrestle Mania VII.

The Undertaker and Michelle Mc Cool are perhaps one of WWE's most mismatched couples.

She is similiar to Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars franchise, both of them are originally protagonists who later fallen, both of them are parents of the the main protagonists and they married to the protagonists like Anakin is married to Padme.

While there is still plenty of speculation around a possible surprise appearance at Wrestlemania 35, The Undertaker is already having a great time in New York with wife Michelle Mc Cool.

Either way, this couple is a deeply private one and the facts about them together are definitely few and far between, but here are 15 of the best-known facts about The Undertaker and Michelle Mc Cool as a couple.

There was a big fuss made about the fact that there is a fourteen year age gap between Paige and Alberto Del Rio and the fact that the relationship would never work out because of this.

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