Is audrina still dating corey

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Audrina married her Aussie boyfriend Corey Bohan after the two got pregnant.

The 34-year-old also believes that her ex-husband intends to infringe on his rights to the Fifth Amendment, whilst making false allegations about her and harming their child.

Audrina also recently filed a temporary restraining order against the BMX rider.

The temporary restraining order, which prevents Corey from being near both Audrina and 3-year-old Kira, has been put in place until a court hearing, which is due to take place later in July.

But her most public relationship-which also happened to be her most tumultuous-was her 10-month marriage to Corey Bohan.

Before he was known as Patridge's leading man, Bohan had a thriving career as a professional BMX rider.

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