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In some cases it could be necessary to access the Tomcat Web Application Manager to handle long running or stuck user sessions manually.

Here is a quick guide on how to analyze and resolve an issue like that. and now the user cannot log back in because the user's session is still active on the panagenda Green Light backend server and needs to be expired or invalidated.

If you want to identify and handle problematic sessions in a more detailed way, you can open the “Sessions Administration” for an application by clicking on the session count within the “Sessions” column.

A new window will open, showing you a list of active sessions for the selected application.

In this application, we have created following files.

Http Session; public class Login Servlet extends Http Servlet import

Just to make sure, that it is up and running, column “Running” should say “true”.

When connecting to the Application Manager you will be asked to authenticate yourself by providing a username and a password.

Use your panagenda Green Light administrator account to log into the management application.

Note that this log out from a particular device will also lead to the log out from all other devices, for example in another computer, or smartphone.

The article also goes on to mention that you can invalidate the session by switching to a persisted storage for sessions on the server, by using a database, memcache, or Redis, but this comes with additional changes.

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