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One moment they’ll be purring away having a belly rub, but before you know it, their inner tiger awakens and your hand becomes prey!

If your cat likes to keep you on your toes – take a look at our favorite feisty kitten names below: Is your cat a master hunter? Either way, giving your kitty a truly fierce name is a fun way to honor the apex predator at heart, as well as strike fear into your visitors!

The endangered names have some serious competition; and while some may seem outdated, they'd still be excellent names for your wee one.From the very beginning of the Social Security Administration (which started in 1880) to around the turn of the century, Emma stayed in the top 10 list of baby names.It fluctuated from there, but snuck back into the top 100 in 1992.Gangsters rule their territory with fear and intimidation to get what they want.Your kitty may only terrorize the local bird population or his favorite stuffed mouse, but they are still the baddest boss of their domain!

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