Internet dating scams nz ashley greene and kellen lutz dating

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In many cases, they are new variations of long-running scams. By knowing about these tricks you can help protect yourself and others from falling victims to the scammers.

Scam Buster Keith suggested and wrote most of this first issue of Scam Lines and, if you like it, we’ll add a link to each new issue of Scam Lines in Scam Busters.

The messages warn of a 0,000 contract killing — and you’re the target. They say you’re being watched (so you can’t contact the police) and give you 24 hours to make contact. The scam: In Garland, TX, a couple of swindlers posing as water company officials invite themselves into private homes to check out the water supply and fixtures.

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The scam: A terrible phone call to a Sioux Falls, SD, man tells him of a death in the family, asks him to call another number for details and to begin his cell phone call with the code *72.

The scam: A sad story and a timely warning from the ever-popular classified ad site Craigs List.

A guy raising money for a terminally ill parent tries to sell furniture and gets a reply offering to buy.

What this actually does is transfer all calls sent to the cell phone to the number the caller has given — the scammer’s own number.

The scammer then gives your number to his buddies anywhere in the world and they can phone him via your cell, with you picking up the charges — and knowing nothing about it — until you get your bill.

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