Insecure men and dating

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Another example is a man that physically abuses his wife or rapes a woman.

It is the insecurities he has within that leads him to assault, harass or subject other people to pain and ridicule.

It could be that he fears being rejected or simply that he lacks empathy for other people because of the way he feels about himself.

This could be in the way of outright lying, such as: inflating who he is or what he does for a living.

This is also because insecure people deflect their insecurities onto others so as not to appear insecure themselves.

Sign 5: He’s A Bully Most bullies are insecure men.

By David Schroeder for Your Tango Many of us feel some measure of insecurity when dealing with life experiences.

But when it comes to relationships, there are unique insecurities that men struggle with in particular.

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