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She had been telling herself it would get better once we were married and “right” in God’s eyes but me not being a believer just was a no-go in the end.We are still close friends but it can’t work now for her reasons and mine.Also I would like to know whether that certificate will be enough to add spouse's name in passport.So, I havent had to go looking for women in about a decade, my last GF was with me for 8 years and we were set up by a friend,....

Apparently, they do that specifically because you dont ask for them.....A week after that, she came to Houston to meet my kids, and they loved her from the start. And, we have been married for 19 years, and it has been a great 19 years. But looking back, none of the others would have worked out. I did some dating, I finally found a wonderful lady on line, that had been a widow for 9 years.She had never dated in those nine years but she gave me her phone number.So I cleaned things up, thinking it was nothing serious. Note: The oil tank level measures exactly between the "Fill" and "Full" marks on the dipstick when hot.But now the problem is getting worse, especially after an all-day cruise on the highway. __________________ She calls me a slack-jawed mouth breather infatuated with things that sparkle in the sun -- and look'n for that ultimate ride down the rabbit hole on my Sporty 1200R.

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