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=]I myself go on the site, I love creating the graphics.But, it is NOT a site for kids or even teens..first thing you are greeted with in most chat rooms is "do you have a webcam?Just like if a stranger tried to offer your kid a ride you tell them to scream for "help" and run.On IMVU or any sort of chat site you tell your kids to say NO and close the window.

Just like you teach your children about safety's outside of IMVU and the internet.I know that a lot of kids sign up there simply to explore in a way "sexuality".The staff is trying to "fix" things regarding comments as the starting one in here but those compromises cost developers as me not just their time but also money..I earn money from IMVU and pay some of my college needs and etc.You might end up getting robbed drugged or Evan murdered. Don't let your teenage children or Evan adult children sign up.Evan if your not a parent or carer don't sign up please have comment sense dudes My daughter registered with this site some months ago.

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