How to propose a girl for dating

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A marriage proposal is a milestone in a couple's relationship that shouldn't be taken lightly.It's probably not best to propose to a girl while you're sitting in your sweatpants watching football, unless she finds the irony romantic. Be creative and mindful of your unique relationship when you decide upon the manner of your marriage proposal.

A more discreet, sneaky message can be just as romantic. Spell it out with refrigerator magnets or scratch it into her windshield on a frosty morning.

Before she arrives home, create a trail leading from the front door to the bedroom.

Line your trail with roses, candles or small notes that detail romantic moments of your relationship.

Take her back to the location of your first date, be it a restaurant, movie theater or bowling alley.

Do your best to recapture the details of your first date, such as the songs you listened to, the clothes you were wearing and the dishes you ate.

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