How to handle teenage girls and dating

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Love and romance teach us self-respect as well as to respect others.

Therefore, teen romance should not be discouraged but we have to draw some lines.

Tasha Rube is a Licensed Master Social Worker in Missouri.

She received her MSW from the University of Missouri in 2014.

Instead, they should focus on their career, how they can perform their best in everything they do. However, being in a romantic relationship at such a young age is not rational.

— Dipti Gyawali, Basundhara Being in love is not a bad thing.

It’s just that teenage is not the right age to fall in love.

Teenagers should not be allowed to date as there are more disadvantages in teenage love relationship than advantages.

If their children are found to be in a secret relationship, they should have a talk with them and show them the right path.Whether it's trying to get all your homework done or dealing with drama at school, there are simple ways to fight stress and return your life to a calm path. If you don't feel like you have any close friends, get out of your comfort zone and talk to someone new.School counselors and teachers are always open to students. — Aishwarya Rai, Golfutar, Kathmandu Teen romance is common especially these days.I think it is all right if it is within boundaries.

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