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Where I’ve been in my own dating life has obviously impacted my approach to love.Back when I was dating, my focus with male clients was to help them socialize and meet as many women as possible. Some will be in a relationship, while others are single. Pick a dating coach that will help you get the love life you want with the right solutions to finding love.A professional dating coach has assisted hundreds of women in defining what they want in a relationship and then finding it.A coach can provide outside perspective (so hard when you’re wrapped up in your own situation) and give you advice that you would never have given yourself.

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If you’re trying to flirt, meet men, or find love, there’s a program for that.

My philosophy in my programs for women is all about confidence — build yourself first before looking for a relationship.

There are other coaches out there that prescribe a lot of rules for you to follow. Other coaches encourage you to be a bitch to attract men. It’s all over the spectrum, so before investing time and money in a dating coach, find out what his or her approach is to finding love.

If you do decide to hire a dating coach, ask what the fee includes.

Some may try to nickel and dime you, creating add-on charges for things you’d expect to be included. You want some assurance that you won’t waste your money, whichever solution you choose.

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