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My third suggestion is to do what I plan to do to a batch of pretty but otherwise unsellable dishes...I plan to break them myself and sell them on Ebay as a lot.The Homer Laughlin China Company opened in 1871 and remains active today.During the long history of the company many patterns were designed and sold.Also once I pack them up and ship them, they send a check and then they have to worry about storing until selling - I got my space back!

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The piece we have is a tea pitcher that looks like a baseball. It was made in 1937 and the pattern was discontinued sometime in 1942. They will pay much less than retail, but are an excellent service to deal with.

If you want the cash, the only way I go (and I have done TONS of research) is to sell them through

I say this because is lovely to work with and offer fair prices as long as you follow their instructions to a "T".

These Fiesta markings all feature the word “Fiesta” in some form as well as some marking identifying Homer Laughlin as the manufacturer.

With Fiesta backstamps that are in INK ONLY, you can identify and old piece of Fiestaware by the case of the letters.

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