Gypsy dating rituals

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Many Gypsy women make their impressions on their mates the first time that they see them, which is partly why they pay so much attention to the way they are presented.

TLC’s hit show “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” created a stir among viewers, due to the crazy, outlandish brides that graced the show.

The cultural bar for a “better” wedding dress, for example, is not what most of us would describe as elegant. The more glittery, flashy, lavishly decorated dress—the better your standing.

Over-the-top might be a better description, as these gowns are laced with Swarovski crystals and bedazzled like a pair of jeans from the 90’s. Although this is a competition, it should be noted how much this tradition brought women and family together for the pride of the bride. Gypsies and travellers descend on a small Cumbria village for five days of socialising and horse trading.

Most women have done it by the time they get married, and have had multiple partners.

Marrying outside of your tribe is considered blasphemy.

Modern day women are not really encouraged keep their chastity belts on anymore.

We picture her next to a wagon, perhaps, for everyone knows that gypsies are travellers, right? This is completely false and leads to a lot of incorrect generalizations.

The stereotype of a gypsy man is far worse; he steals things. There are actually two main types of Gypsies—Roma Gypsies and Irish Travellers.

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