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You might expect her to appear again, but she doesnt. If she asks to do a driveby, go into enemy gang territories and try to find some enemy gang members.She will lean out the window and shoot at them when you get close. If she asks for a food date, take her to the cluckin bell south of her I walked into the marker, and she walked out ready for another date, even though less than a minute had passed since the last date (and it was still the same day).I tried this technique consistently over and over, and I was able to date her several times in one day.Most of the sex appeal is achieved through the clothing, tattoos and haircut CJ has.But pulling up in a car with high sex appeal also contributes well (check out the vehicle images guide for sex appeal values of each car) Once you start dating a girl, your initial progress with her will be 15%.

Whatever date you take your girl on, DONT WASTE HER.Each girl has their own unique favourite type of date (which we will go into later in the guide), but each girl likes flowers.Flowers add a tiny amount of progress to the date and can be found all over san andreas, but later in this guide i will show you the nearest flowers to the girlfriends home.It seemed that going into the gym reset her daily availability, but I still retained her dating progress.I haven’t been able to try it on the other girlfriends or gyms yet, but I did try entering the tattoo parlor instead of the gym, but she didn’t disappear.

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