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This is a game in which what you do next is entirely up to you. You aren't being lead from zone to zone, following the ghostly carrot of levels with no real reward. It really brings into perspective why all these other MMOs have come and gone over the years.I chased that carrot once, but then I bit down on it only to get a mouth full of sand. They keep chasing that level train, the Wo W train, but to what end?Oh what's this at the bottom left side of my screen? That's not the cool part though, that would be the Rookie channel it is automatically tuned in to.

The mechanics are incredibly similar to any other MMO on the market, it's how they are used that make it all seem so foreign. You can go hunt down hostile NPCs, or hunt down other players.When other people step up to deliver that kind of experience, they can't. In Wo W you can have your rare items, but there is always going to be someone with the same or superior gear. The very fact that this piece of territory belongs to you and your corporation means that you've not only made an impact upon your own wealth and resource pool, but you've made an impact on the world.Every person that plays or will play EVE will now exist in a world in which this patch of territory belongs to you.I think the misconception some people make is that getting into a corporation, or really a guild in any MMO, is going to be difficult if you don't have something of perceived value to offer to a group. People need couriers, escorts, miners, scouts, everything and anything you can think of.This is EVE online though, so you already have something to offer. What people need most are bodies, people to bring in the revenue.

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