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Switch hitter literally means a player that bats from either their left or right side. The only sad thing about these baseball terms is that they haven’t been updated. Back in the 60s when these terms were first created, being gay or lesbian was very “rare” and seen as unusual. If someone is “playing for both teams” this means that you say this person is bisexual. They’re going from their own team to the opposing team.

Though these terms were created in the 60s, they’re actually still highly used today. You can also say, “batting for both teams.” [Read: All the ways to tell the difference between a pansexual and a bisexual] #11 Running the bases.

89'-4" First base, 16" square is inside the base line.

Second base is on the intersection of the base lines. The idiomatic expressions are based on the great national pastime of Americans, baseball.

1st base is making out, 2nd base is feeling above the waist, 3rd base is feeling bellow the waist or hand down her skirt and home run is sex ;) There is no relationship, in the sense that you can have any base are with any height. " "Of course honey, you are SO not fat." "Sometimes, I feel like moving on in our relationship.

For a prism shape (if the horizontal cross section is always the same as the base), the base area times the height is equal to the volume. Maybe...moving to...(pause for dramatic effect) first base??? For example in a country, if the resources are not allocated equally, it can affect the relationship between the regions or states making the country.

If you're counting bases, you're not ready for a relationship.

It's great that you want to be informed and asking is the best way to find out.

Speaking of sexual activity in terms of bases, sometimes doing so can make the interaction with your partner(s) seem more goal-oriented (i.e., to “hit that home run”, or “get to home base”).

I have to admit, I’ve never used it before, so I don’t think it’s overly popular but it’s still a baseball metaphor.

Now that you know what it means, if you hear it, you’ll make the connection right away. Now, if someone is gay or lesbian, you’ll be able to say that they’re “playing/batting for the other team.” It simply means they’re homosexual.

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