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Note that for technical reasons plugins cannot be in-process, so or another 7 lets us use Python to write pretty-printers for Chromium types.See gdbinit to enable pretty-printing of Chromium types. Pretty printers for std types shouldn‘t be necessary in gdb 7, but they’re provided here in case you're using an older gdb.Instead, you can set the prefix to point to this shell script: When debugging both the browser and renderer process, you might want to have separate set of breakpoints to hit.You can use gdb's command files to accomplish this by putting breakpoints in separate files and instructing gdb to load them.This works by first recording a trace and then debugging based on that.I recommend installing it by compiling from source.Put the following into More STL GDB macros Js Dbg is a debugger plugin to display various Chrome data structures in a browser window, such as the accessibility tree, layout object tree, DOM tree, and others.

and attach to the process in order to debug the renderer code.| |-bash(21969)---chrome(672)- -chrome(694) | | |-chrome(695)---chrome(696)- -(697) | | | \-(709) | | |-(675) | | |-(678) | | |-(679) | | |-(680) | | |-(681) | | |-(682) | | |-(684) | | |-(685) | | |-(705) | | \-(717) to attach.Alternatively, you might find out the process ID from Chrome's built-in Task Manager (under the Tools menu).For Googlers, please see go/jsdbg for installation instructions.You can use rr for time travel debugging, so you can also step or execute backwards.

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