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Data Flash is a service which delivers blazing fast financial and economic news, straight into users’ Echofin interfaces.Team owners, financial educators, or even rank-and-file traders may want to integrate various third-party services with their Echofin platform. MT4 and the Trading View charts are good examples in this regard.User management is obviously a major part of the pay-to-access experience of every team owner.Subscribers can be managed directly from the dashboard, and they can be assigned different roles/ranks.

The talking Twitter feeds are just the top of the iceberg in this regard, Live indices and quotes can be added too, together with an FX calendar, to trade the news on the go.

The platform also doubles as an advanced education environment, allowing team owners to seamlessly broadcast their screens, taking advantage of the Full-HD, low-latency, built-in streaming features.

Hosting elaborate trading webinars and reaching the targeted users is as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Team owners can create billing buttons in much the same way they would be able to do it with Pay Pal.

The buttons can then be embedded on various landing pages and even in emails.

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