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Instead of making a public announcement over the intercom, you can instantly inform all team members by sending a message through the Teams Chat conversation.View Training Real-time messaging between managers and workers helps foster a stronger team community.If the Follow this Room menu item is unavailable, this room is either closed or it is one you already follow.For details about how to become a member of a closed room, see Join a Lync chat room.You can also set up topic feeds and custom notifications to further fine-tune how Lync is monitoring these rooms.Important: To follow a closed chat room, you first need to be a member of it.Everything has been designed from the ground-up to facilitate the creation of interest-specific trading teams.Specialized chat and communication are but one of the needs Echofin covers.

To flesh out the Echofin experience, users can deploy a variety of useful plugins and widgets.

With pre-structured forms making it easy to send within seconds.

Users receive the signals directly in the timeline with nice visuals, distinguishing them from other chat messages.

Team owners have full control over who can access the content they create and broadcast this way.

This is where the true strength of the Echofin platform resides.

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