Faq online dating dima bilan who is he dating

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A staff member can rate a profile on one or more of multiple scales: passport scans, live meeting, phone conversation, video, correspondence.Some are rated according to the staff member's own judgement (such as passport scans or phone calls), and others (like correspondence or meetings) according to the feedback we receive from our male members. Each category carries different weight (e.g., feedback on a meeting is more important than the passport scan); the exact formula is complex and classified, so it cannot be used to artificially raise the trust level.

We also have a handy Site members can send out introductory mailings to advertise themselves.

Adding someone to their friend list may mean different things to different people, from showing their favor to attempting to appear popular.

You cannot appear on somebody’s friend list if they are not on yours, and vice versa.

We need time to contact the lady’s local agency, or the lady herself, and make sure she will be available at the desired time therefore the videocall should be ordered in advance.

Please note that exchanging personal contact information during your videocall will not be allowed.

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