English pigeon dating sim

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Instead I became completely wrapped up in the story so completely I could not help but take it seriously at all times. Every detail has a place and will eventually make sense if you really think about it. I laughed, cried, smiled, raged, bawwed, and clutched my pillow in sheer-terror (this is not an exaggeration). First off, a warning: the G rating given by DLSite is a filthy lie.

This has some of the most incredible and thorough writing I have come across in a dating-sim period. A full range of emotions that I would be hard-pressed to squeeze out of a video game... It's true that nothing is ever actually visually depicted (it just relies on text and well-timed fading to red,) but that's kind of like saying Thomas Harris novels should be rated G because nothing is ever actually visually depicted.

Initially an April Fool's joke, the idea of using pigeon photos as the love interests was laughable.

What happened after that was what makes this game amazing. The demo version left a lot of loose ends, which the full does a perfect job of tying together.

However, that aside, this game is a lot, and I mean *a lot* better than it has any right to be.

Hatoful Boyfriend has hilarious and engaging dialogue.

And somehow, simultaneously, a deeply engrossing, dark, and intense plot.

However, it is secretly one of the greatest visual novels, if not one of the greatest games ever made. The largest problem is explaining how you can actually end up having feelings for pigeons, as you would a human.

I don't just mean love either, I mean rage and fear as well. Imagine how people must have felt when Walt Disney first animated a mouse and showed it to a theatre full of people.

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