English dating sim

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They build on stereotypes, but when they are at their best they avoid being stereotypical. I love the creativity, something like "a dating game.... " just makes me instantly want to jump in feet first.

It’s definitely a genre that benefits from breathing room between games. I was going to say something like "the weirder, the better" but that isn’t always necessarily true.

Yes, I make fun of the games, but I am also very honest when something is actually emotionally affecting me.

I think it’s difficult to say if the visual novel-style dating sims are games or not.So I guess my answer is an incredibly unhelpful "yes." In your Let’s Play you roleplay with a sort of ironic distance, you try to give character to the protagonist, and of course you give them wonderful names like Balls Mahoney.Is it because you have to tell your own story to feel involved in a story that isn’t that interactive ?You certainly have an element of choice, and pretty much all of them have failure states even if they don’t have gloriously over-the-top Bad Ends.However, if your definition of ’game’ requires more than reading/listening for 30 minutes and making a choice, visual novels probably won’t be for you.

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