Endnote updating pdf index dating ancient roman coins

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More info: Please use the latest versions of Microsoft Word 2016 and End Note X9, to ensure compatibility.

Endnote X8 is compatible with Mac OS10.14.3 and Microsoft Word for Mac (version 16.21.1 or later).

Don't store your Endnote Library on a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive. The best way to create an online backup for your Endnote Library is using the sync function (you can find out more in this subject guide).

You can hover your cursor over an icon to view text explaining its function.

Add Notes The panel in the left column of the library window displays all the Groups and Group Sets in your library.

The Groups called All References, Unfiled, and Trash are built into your library and cannot be changed.

Follow the link in the Quick Links box to the right.

Save the file to your computer, and then run that file to install the program.

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