Dwarf dating service

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As historical personages of special importance, monarchs frequently immigrate with a large number of distant relatives listed.

Over time, dwarves who spend time idling near each other will begin to form friendships and grudges. Two dwarves who are standing on the same tile, or adjacent tiles, may decide to chat if they are idle.

There are services where members gather in rooms online dating chat where all members can view other profiles and reviews if want.

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The members of this site are passionate in whatever they do.For example, Urist can treat Bomrek as a long-term acquainted buddy, while Bomrek counts Urist as a barely recognised person.* - It doesn't look like units begin socializing with same tile or diagonally adjacent units.These begin as passing acquaintances, who will then become long-term acquaintances (if the two aren't too compatible, but not too incompatible) or friends (if the two dwarves are compatible enough).Dwarves who are too incompatible may instead form grudges.

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