Dns updating slow

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Google Public DNS has made many improvements in the areas of speed, security, and validity of results.We've shared these improvements in our documentation, to contribute to an ongoing conversation within the web community. Google Public DNS is not an authoritative DNS hosting service.If you find any situation where Google Public DNS does not work well, please let us know.Some offices have private networks that allow you to access domains that you can't access outside of work.

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Google publishes a list of the IP address ranges Google Public DNS may use to query authoritative DNS servers (not all the ranges in the list are used).It is available to Internet users around the world, though your experience may vary greatly based on your specific location.Google Public DNS should work with most ISPs, assuming you have access to change your network DNS settings. You can use Google as your primary service by just using one of the IP addresses.If, instead, you receive any response other than an error message (for example, you are redirected to another page), this could be the result of the following: No.We are committed to preserving the integrity of the DNS protocol.

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