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Man pleads guilty in Oscar screener case Illinois based Russell Sprague, 51, pleaded guilty to copyright infringement in court after distributing over 200 copies of movies over the Internet.

Caridi said he was shocked and thought that Sprague was just a big movie fan.

These would be watermarked (so they could be tracked back to the "leak") and members were also made sign a contract when they received the discs.

MPAA: No screeners for other than Academy members The MPAA once again announced that the Screener ban decision stood, except for the agreement with the Academy.

Oscar leak investigations FBI investigates Oscar screener leak The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed it was looking into Screener leaks of several movies including Something's Gotta Give, Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World, Thirteen and The Last Samurai.

Studio sources said they had been traced to Academy member Carmine Caridi.

The term DVDSCR is used by movie pirates to describe the source material of a bootleg SVCD, Div X, Xvi D or DVDR copy of a DVD Screener.Overall we should expect spells of rain or showers, which could be heavy at times, interspersed with brief periods of quieter and more settled weather.A more prolonged spell of settled weather may develop towards the end of September, but there remains a lot of uncertainty in the forecast.Charges were dropped against Caridi but he was still expelled from the Academy.Warner and Columbia sued actor over leaked screeners Warner and Columbia sued Carmine Caridi over the screener leak.

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