Dinozzo ziva dating

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I mean, bring a box of whatever you need, bring a change of clothing.You might not be able to go to work the next day.”Calling anything “Shakespearean” could mean one of two things: boisterous comedy or serious tragedy. While he seemed charming describing the expected reaction of Tony fans, there was a dark cloud lurking over his quote.Now Tony is caught in the midst of the swirling flashbacks and memories of Ziva and the things she said to him.Soon, Tony is able to piece everything together to see how it affected his present life. Ziva’s last words to Tony may have hinted that he was to be a father.

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Cote de Pablo was rumoured to be returning ever since her character was revealed to be alive at the start of the year.

He slyly revealed some clues as to how his character would leave the show.

The most mysterious clue was that he teased that Ziva David, the love of Anthony Di Nozzo’s life, was going to be prominent in the series finale, curiously entitled “Family First.”“I think the audience will feel very strongly that she’s in the episode in a way that might be a little Shakespearean but it’s real, and I think it’s going to be a very exciting time for fans of that relationship.

While living in his head seemed satisfying, Tony, the confirmed bachelor and neat freak didn’t know what to do with a small child.

Most importantly, Tony did not know if Tali understood who he was. “Family First” is the perfect name for this episode, as Tony no longer puts himself first – now it is all about what is right for his daughter.

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