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For several years now, the brother-sister duo (also called the blond Osmonds) has made a name for themselves both as individuals and as a team.From their early days, both siblings knew they loved to move, shake and dance up a storm.

The youngest Houghs performed an emotional dance to “Unsteady” in 2017 that was inspired by the most painful time of their childhood – their parent’s divorce.After the divorce, 9-year old Julianne was sent to live with Marriann while Derek was with his father.The multi-talented dance duo have accepted that even though that period was the most painful for them, something good came out of it as a year after the split, Derek and Julianne were sent off to a London dance school.He remained a very present figure in the lives of all his five kids even after their divorce and Julianne describes him somewhat as the disciplinarian parent. Marriann Hough (mother) Date of Birth: February 23, 1957 Zodiac Sign: Pisces She is the mother to all five Hough kids and has since forever been the most supportive mother any gifted child can ask for.She noticed her son’s love for the performing arts and introduced him to fine arts.

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