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I soon found myself at the local spook shop and ran through the gamut of costumes.

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Jim, or should I say Grim Jim Reaper, introduced me as his 'location' assistant from the boonies. My new 'partner' Jim just invited me to one his famous Halloween bashes.I almost balked at the idea but when he mentioned Deanna's name my tune changed instantly.I was also getting a little tired of the camouflage army guy thing. I had to admit that with my little goatee I just grew I looked quite dashing in it. In any case I figured it would be better than staying home and handing out candy. Jim had told me that his partygoers had some earlier functions to attend and they wouldn't hit his house until after ten. Although they all looked quite young Jim assured me that they were all over 19 years old.The only bitch was having to drive two hours in my costume. My eyes scanned the room: an Indian princess, a slinky Sheena of the jungle, a very vampy vampiress to name a few.

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