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It’s a tactic she has re-employed – and ramped up – at Bumble.

Creating a buzz Alongside Bumble’s core team of around 30, it has a built a network of ‘Bumble Honeys’; app ambassadors at universities across the US and the UK.

(57% of women report feeling harassed through online dating; Tinder tops the list.) ‘The layout is fantastic; it’s very friendly, very inviting, easy to navigate,’ adds another.

‘And because the girl has to message within 24 hours of matching, it adds excitement.’ Making things exciting seems to be another thing Wolfe specialises in.

‘With these marketing tactics, I always just try to find the happiness, joy and excitement in it,’ says Wolfe. You have to thoughtfully and psychologically put yourself in somebody else’s shoes and say, what would make me want to have this app on my phone?

’ Bumble, which has a friend-finding feature too, seems to have thrived because it has created a confidence-boosting space for women.

The plaintiff, Whitney Wolfe, claimed she had also been stripped of her co-founder status and her role in the company’s success had been downplayed.

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‘That was the last thing I wanted to do.’ After ignoring Andreev’s email for a while, she flew to London to meet him.For some, the case confirmed their preconceptions of the app, and the company’s culture, as shallow and misogynistic.Media outlets eagerly delved into the backstory in detail, publishing streams of texts between the claimant and her boss (also her ex-boyfriend, and the CEO’s best friend).The case was settled out of court, Tinder continued to attract millions of worldwide users, and Wolfe moved home to Texas. I was chopped up and looked at under a microscope,’ says Wolfe, who was 24 at the time.‘It was really quite bizarre.’ Lone star Fast-forward two years and on the morning Courier called, Wolfe is still in Texas, and still in the business of matchmaking, but enjoying media attention of a different kind.

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