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She is now founder and CEO of Bumble, a dating app held up as the ‘feminist Tinder’ by the press.

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‘Bumble were particularly interested in whether I had any previous marketing experience and were also keen to check out my Instagram account,’ one Honey told Courier.

The case was settled out of court, Tinder continued to attract millions of worldwide users, and Wolfe moved home to Texas. I was chopped up and looked at under a microscope,’ says Wolfe, who was 24 at the time.

‘It was really quite bizarre.’ Lone star Fast-forward two years and on the morning Courier called, Wolfe is still in Texas, and still in the business of matchmaking, but enjoying media attention of a different kind.

This female-first gambit has been touted as a stroke of genius; although the core product is not so different from Tinder, Bumble has made the most of its unique angle.

Sorority smarts Wolfe starting working for Hatch Labs, a startup incubator in LA, in 2012, before moving to the fledgling Tinder as vice president of marketing.

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