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My 3-year-old daughter was confused as to the hullabaloo surrounding her.

I told her people wanted to take my picture but I didn't want them to.

Although the country is an overwhelmingly urban society that produces some of the most modern technology, it is only about 150 years removed from a deeply entrenched traditional culture that remained largely unchallenged and barely changed for at least a millennia.

The take away is that if Japanese women were as traditional as their great-grandmothers they probably wouldn't be thinking about getting involved in International dating.

Japanese girls are known worldwide for being deferential to their husbands or boyfriends, because this was one of the hallmarks of a traditional Japanese wife.

My 8.5 month pregnant self is hardly going to freak out on my waddle out of here!(I didn't know until a couple of hours later that they already had my picture from the blog cache.) I was a big story on the news that night--after the butt injection situation and among some Lindsay felony-theft news.(A shout-out to Lindsay here for trying to keep me out of the limelight, but felony theft ain't what it used to be, particularly when there are more juicy local scandals around town.) Around dinnertime, the second reporter showed up. It was bizarre that I was getting this much attention over something so mundane. I talked about everything--such exciting topics as our trip to Sesame Place, my favorite (and least favorite) restaurants, my work experiences, the diaper genie.I had 9 followers--2 of whom were my husband and myself, the other 7 were friends.When I started it, my goal was to write 1-3 times a week, though I didn't usually have time to do it that much.

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