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Also, if you're going to use this to block un-authenticated users from certain pages, like you mentioned, keep in mind that some user agents will ignore this and continue on the current page anyway, so you'll need to die() after you send it.In the eve of the semantic web, correctness is something to consider.Moreover, it is a permanent redirection (Status: 301 Moved Permanently).So, if you type the first URL into Google, you will automatically be redirected to the second, redirected link. lol No, but honestly I only do tf* if I have 1-Worked with you before and we make magic 2-Am looking to update my portfolio 3-Have a fantastic creative idea that I just can't say no to 4-Lick my wounds and contact you to help me make myself better Other wise contact me for Paid work Im worth it and I can guarantee I will fill your card up with awesome insane pictures!It is highly recommended that you do not purchase a paid membership with this site. Not one "supposed" woman replied back after "she" sent me the 1st email. I live in a very small village, of 350 people, yet there are 40-50 single women MILFs here? This site is a total scam After being a member of for an extended period of time, I became suspect that the women on this site were real. Some of the women were listed as being from Denver, Wa., Wichita, Wa., Atlanta, Wa., etc. Why are these guys allowed to do business in the U. There are supposedly millions of men & women on this site from all over the world.This means that search engines, such as Google Search, will not take the redirection into account when indexing.If you would like to notify search engines that a page has been permanently moved to another location, use the following code: When you click on the link above, you are automatically redirected to this page.

HTTP Headers and the You can't really do it in PHP unless you buffer the page output and then later check for redirect condition. Remember that headers are the first thing that is sent from the page.

*Potential dates for shoot and how long you think it should last *Exact location of the shoot *Is wardrobe, hair, makeup artist provided?

When contacting me please include: *company and or your name *compensation *I am located in Las Vegas, so if travel is needed, please advise if my travel expenses (including hotel) are included.

Unfortunately, PHP's "Location"-header still uses the HTTP 302-redirect code, which, strictly, isn't the best one for redirection. W3C is kind enough to mention that the 303-header is incompatible with "many pre-HTTP/1.1 user agents," which would amount to no browser in current use.

So, the 302 is a relic, which Once this statement is executed, and output sent out, the browser will begin re-directing the user.

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