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For laser ablation, standards were developed by pressing particulate pellets of conventionally dated molybdenite (Moly Hill and Merlin), because there are no appropriate reference materials available.

Six natural molybdenite samples from a range of geological settings, containing 10 ppm Re, were analyzed by 70 μm laser ablation spots, and ages were calibrated by analysis of molybdenite pellets.

The index was applied to the national average cost of the typical date, consisting of a liter of wine, two movie tickets, and two restaurant dinners. Each state was given an index value based on nine measures related to the cost of goods, services, dining out, transportation, and alcohol.

The regional price parities for goods and services other than rents came from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and received a full weighting.

Analysis of pressed particulate pellets of natural molybdenite was used to assess the protocol with respect to detection limits and precision and accuracy of Re-Os ratios.

Finally, the analytical protocol was tested on natural molybdenite crystals from a range of geological settings and ages.), and optimization for Re-Os analysis was performed by line or spot analysis of NIST SRM 610, AI-3, and Moly Hill pressed pellet (see below).

The strategy of the study was first to evaluate gas reaction, separation efficiency, corrections, and calibrations.

Initial tests performed by solution analysis guided the development of the LA-ICP-MS/MS-based protocol.

Are you already thinking it’s better to stay single?The benefit of in situ dating compared to conventional dating is, apart from lower cost and time consumption, the possibility of targeting smaller molybdenite crystals (≥ 100 μm) in thin sections and epoxy mounts.The youngest sample in the study is 920 Ma, but we see potential of dating significantly younger Re-rich molybdenite.Data on the combined state sales tax rate and average local sales tax rate for each state came from the Tax Foundation and were given a one-tenth weighting.Data on state spirit tax, wine tax, and beer tax in dollars per gallon also came from the Tax Foundation and were each given a one-tenth weight.

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