Dating younger women lance mason torrent

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This is the only explored area of seduction that other “famous” pick up artists have refused to teach… How would you like to watch videos of men approaching women, starting conversations, sparking attraction and getting dates on the street, at the cafe, mall, everywhere?

If you’d like to see some examples of how street pickups look and sound, my good friend Alex has put together a program for guys to help them by using hidden camera videos of guys approaching women, and even interviewing them afterwards to get their feedback. In the October edition of the Infield Insider, Carlos Xuma shares his daytime approach secrets in detail with guys so that you can learn the essential elements of REAL Game â„¢.

House Party PUA is a book for men that want to succeed with women at party, social gatherings and events.Mehow and Carlos actually sit down and break down Carlos’ approach on hidden camera video.Carlos shares his ideas about why most guys fail when doing daytime approach, and how guys can talk to women anywhere – ANYTIME.How to make the woman you want BEG to be your girlfriend… Even if you think you’re not her type, she’s rejected you before, or you think she’s out of your league.A brand new “key” that implants sexual fantasies of you in a woman’s mind and gets her so turned on she can’t stop fantasizing about sleeping with you!

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