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They assume that the men must be exploiting the boys.

They discount the possibility of honest love, affection and passion between men and boys.

The exemptions used to withhold information are marked below and explained on the enclosed Form OPCA-16a: Section 552 Section 552a ® (b)(1) □(b)(7)(A) □(d)(5) ^(b)(2) □(b)(7)(B) □G)(2) °(b)(3) ^(b)(7)(C) a(k)(1 ) ^(b)(7)(D) D(k)(2) □(b)(7)(E) G(k)(3) □(b)(7)(F) D(k)(4) □(b)(4) G(b)(8) G(k)(5) □(b)(5) G(b)(9) n(k)(6) H(b)(6) G(k); V P^ . They assume that there cannot be a real loving relationship reaching across generational lines.

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All during that period Mark treated me like his son, taking me to the movies, ice- skating, football games, and watching television together.

(Dad told the hospital doctor I was in a fight with another kid.) When I turned 12 things really got pretty bad, because my mother took my little sister and ran away. He got fired from his truck-driving job for drink- ing. One night I stayed al the local library a little later finishing my homework .

and when f got home my dad was drunk and punched me in the face and threw me out of the house.

1 told him that night 1 loved him and wanted to remain with him forever.

I had to go back to the shelter, but a few weeks later I had to go to this big court room and 1 saw Mark sitting there smiling.

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