Dating with erectile dysfunction

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It can make for a big opportunity to look beyond sexual performance to deep bonding with each another.

The danger is not the lack of an erection, but what each of you makes of it.

“So it’s Friday evening and we’re coming home from a romantic dinner. It’s this deep seated fear that I won’t be able to get an erection 30 minutes from now and it becomes self-fulfilling and self-defeating. ” He was extremely surprised when I suggested that trying to “get control” was precisely the problem.

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I never click on the links that come with the numerous ads in my spam folder offering “your instant cure for impotence” (why are they sending these to ME? Viagra can make a huge difference but masks the issues that cause the tissues to stay soft.

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He explained that I would be better off keeping him in the friend zone, that his “part that knew how to love” was probably broken and had been for a long time.

I assumed he was talking about his head or his heart and tried to figure it out by asking questions, but he didn’t give any real answers, just excuses.

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