Dating vox ac30 amps

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Instead, RM came out with a “Silver Jubilee” version in 1985 that trimmed back the gain in the preamp stage—a workaround for the cheap tubes available at the time.

Though Korg began its life as a Japanese builder of drum machines and keyboards it’s beyond doubt that their involvement with Vox saved the brand and made it more robust for the 21st Century.

As a thank you, Epstein promised Clark that when the Fabs became big, they would always play Vox amps through their career. And for Clark, not a bad trade-in: “It was the biggest promotional score ever, for absolutely free,” Elyea says. Around 1967, Vox (now owned by a company called Royston) lost both Dick Denney and Tom Jennings.

It eventually foundered into bankruptcy, and in the years that followed, the company ownership went through more quick changes than a hand-me-down coat.

As Elyea describes it, Epstein pulled up in a Rolls Royce and smooth-talked Clark into trading two new AC30s for the band’s two beat-up ones, even up.

Clark secretly agreed, even though Vox owner Tom Jennings nixed the idea.

Birch-Stolec started using printed circuit boards, a move reversed by Dallas Arbiter, but then restored by Rose Morris.

The AC30 almost ceased production for good in the mid 1980s because of a shortage of good tubes.

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Silly me , I just published a link on how to date your Fender amp and I just went and dated y Deluxe Reverb ! It sounds great and so I have decided not to mess with what was a factory Mistake/ Change/ Customisation?

British big band guitarist Dick Denney is credited as the godfather of the Vox AC30, along with engineer Derek Underdown.

Denney began work on the earliest version (with a single speaker) in 1959.

Here’s a little bit of both: Early AC30s were fitted with alnico magnet Celestion speakers.

The tubes in a Vox consisted of EL84s in the output stage and 12AX7s in the pre-amp stage.

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