Dating vox ac30 amps

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As Vox sought to compete with the sound and volume of bigger Fender amps, two speakers were utilized.Vox eventually hit the mark with an AC30 “Top Boost”—so named because it had separate controls (first on the back of the amp) that introduced an extra gain stage, bass and treble.Here’s a little bit of both: Early AC30s were fitted with alnico magnet Celestion speakers.

The company that introduced Vox was known as Jennings Musical Instruments, or JMI, headquartered in Dartford (the hometown of Keith Richards, mates).As a thank you, Epstein promised Clark that when the Fabs became big, they would always play Vox amps through their career. And for Clark, not a bad trade-in: “It was the biggest promotional score ever, for absolutely free,” Elyea says. Around 1967, Vox (now owned by a company called Royston) lost both Dick Denney and Tom Jennings.It eventually foundered into bankruptcy, and in the years that followed, the company ownership went through more quick changes than a hand-me-down coat.The roll call includes Birch-Stolec Industries (1970) Dallas Arbiter (1973), and Rose Morris (1978).The AC30 went through some design changes during that time, not necessarily for the better.

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