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A member of the Democratic Party, Clinton was ideologically a New Democrat, and many of his policies reflected a centrist "Third Way" political philosophy.Clinton was born and raised in Arkansas and attended Georgetown University, University College, Oxford, and Yale Law School.Clinton registered for the draft and received a high number (311), meaning that those whose birthdays had been drawn as numbers 1 to 310 would have to be drafted before him, making it unlikely that he would be drafted.(In fact, the highest number drafted was 195.) Colonel Eugene Holmes, the Army officer who had been involved with Clinton's ROTC application, suspected that Clinton attempted to manipulate the situation to avoid the draft and avoid serving in uniform.During the 1992 campaign, it was revealed that Clinton's uncle had attempted to secure him a position in the Navy Reserve, which would have prevented him from being deployed to Vietnam.

I was interested in medicine and thought I could be a fine doctor, but I knew I would never be Michael De Bakey. Clinton has identified two influential moments in his life, both occurring in 1963, that contributed to his decision to become a public figure. He had received an offer to study at Yale Law School, Yale University, but he left early to return to the United States and did not receive a degree from Oxford.

Clinton worked with future two-term mayor of Dallas Ron Kirk, Further information: 1978 Arkansas gubernatorial election, 1980 Arkansas gubernatorial election, 1982 Arkansas gubernatorial election, 1986 Arkansas gubernatorial election, and 1990 Arkansas gubernatorial election After graduating from Yale Law School, Clinton returned to Arkansas and became a law professor at the University of Arkansas. Running in a conservative district against incumbent Republican John Paul Hammerschmidt, Clinton's campaign was bolstered by the anti-Republican and anti-incumbent mood resulting from the Watergate scandal.

Hammerschmidt, who had received 77 percent of the vote in 1972, defeated Clinton by only a 52 percent to 48 percent margin.

In 2009, he was named the United Nations Special Envoy to Haiti and after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, he teamed with George W. In addition, he secured the release of two American journalists imprisoned by North Korea, visiting the capital Pyongyang and negotiating their release with then-North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

Clinton said that he remembered his stepfather as a gambler and an alcoholic who regularly abused his mother and half-brother, Roger Clinton Jr., to the point where he intervened multiple times with the threat of violence to protect them.

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