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They are soo cute :3", "title": "", "comment_count": 0, "board": , "type": "pin", "image_signature": "e37f94c1a94e6a9d503137ac810dd95a", "attribution": null, "description": "Joker and player from Shall We Date: Lost Alice.

After that, an obstacle to their love would crop up, and after a struggle, the main characters overcome their love obstacle, and they live happily ever after. "I want the male lead to be just like you, Seiji, and the more similar he is to you the better! This is gender equality." ' Gender equality that's not what it means!

Do you have any thoughts regarding the female lead's route? "First, I'd like to ask you somethingwhat are you intending to write about me? I'm just using you as inspiration." Seiji rubbed his chin. "Thank you, Editor Yoshizawa." "I should be the one thanking you, Harano," Saki replied. "I think this book of yours is incredibly fun to read. "It's a wonderfully written story." Both of them had already read the draft that Seiji sent them multiple times."Mayuzumi hasn't had any nightmares for the past few days, and her androphobia is well on track to being cured now. I'm truly grateful for what you've done." "Editor Yoshizawa..." "In the future, if there's anything I can help you with, please let me know," Saki said solemnly. I've already read it three times." Chiaki smiled. "I have more confidence after hearing your reviews," Seiji said with a smile."You'd better not betray us, my bro Haruta.""Of course I won't. He arrived at the location that Kamitani told him, an abandoned factory. Although he couldn't see anyone, he could sense that Voidfire had arrived. This was the same heat sensation from Kosui Park in the last timeline, albeit much weaker.You'd better not set a trap for me, Kamitani-kun."After that, Seiji hung up and looked at Shika and the others."I'm going out now.""Please be careful, Brother," Shika told him. However, their expressions said the same."I will." Seiji smiled. Weeds were growing all over, the walls were filthy, the lighting was dim, and there was abandoned machinery and garbage everywhere… Seiji had often seen such places before on television and in movies. This abnormal heat was approaching from outside and getting constantly closer.

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