Dating service mental patients 10 simple rules dating sports guy

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Ineffective treatment could be interpreted as substandard care.DO understand that it is risky –but not impossible- to terminate with a patient who is in crisis.

dating service mental patients-2

dating service mental patients-2

DO understand that even in the event of an unplanned or emergency closing of a psychiatric practice, there remains an obligation to the patients to terminate with as much care as possible.

DO understand that the care provided must be based upon the patient’s clinical needs and not solely on what services the patient can afford.

You risk liability, if you continue to provide treatment that falls below the standard of care simply because the patient is unable or unwilling to pay for what is needed.

It is a good idea to have a written emergency or contingency plan regarding termination and transfer of care in the event of a crisis on the part of the psychiatrist.

DO recognize that patients may unilaterally decide to end treatment.

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