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The artifacts come from the site of Ain Boucherit, close to Ain Hanech and part of the same sedimentary basin created by a braided river system (a network of shifting channels across a floodplain).

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The tools are up to 2.4 million years old and were found with hundreds of animal bones, several of which show signs of butchery.

Much of its economy is based in hydrocarbons and it is the world’s sixth largest gas exporter.

The seat of government is located in the capital city, Algiers, and is led by a national President elected to a five year term.

Alternatively, say the authors, the age and location of the tools could be interpreted as evidence supporting a multiple origins theory: Some paleoanthropologists believe the tool-making method arose independently in numerous locations across Africa.

The Meat Of The Matter An animal bone excavated from Ain Boucherit in Algeria (top image) has cut marks made by a stone tool (close-up image of area outlined in black), providing evidence of an early hominin presence in the region.

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