Dating of the flood

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In fact, over the number of generations as recorded in Genesis, this error would be between 10 and 11 years.

Therefore, the ages for the patriarchs shown below in the calculations reflect the additional year average unless the Bible specifically indicates that the birth or event occurred on or around the exact birthday of the patriarch (i.e.

Noah) or anniversary of an event (the migration into Egypt).

The above chart shows the birth and death relationships of the patriarchs as given by the genealogies provided by the Bible.

Noah, as the one who would preserve life in the ark as the cursed earth was being cleansed by the flood, was not the final fufillment of Lamech's prophesy.

Noah was 600 years old when the Flood started (Genesis 7:6) and he lived for 350 years after the Flood (Genesis ).

The Flood lasted 151 days inclusive of the first and last day (Genesis ), so it did not add an extra year in the calculation of Noah's life.

Beside the above date pairs, ALL prophecies containing prophetic dates interpreted using the "day for a year" principle (see Num. 4:5, 6) have either a beginning or end point on a Sabbatical Year! The son of a patriarch would rarely be born during the same month or on the same day as his father's birthday.

These include the:70 sevens or 490 year prophecy of Dan. In fact, the father could be anywhere from 1 day to nearly 12 months older than the age given in the Bible states.

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